Spirituality involvement of PKMMT

Spirituality is nothing but the deepest values and meanings by which people live. A country cannot prosper sustainably ignoring the spiritual development of its people. With this realization, the Trust has invested in various projects that promote the spiritual development of people.

Pashupati Kriyaputri Bhawan (a facility for mourners) in Pashupati Temple Complex

Pashupatinath Phul Kumari Mahato Kriyaputri Bhawan

In cooperation with the Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) under ‘Cooperation for Development’ program, the Trust provided a large donation for the construction of a new Kriyaputri Bhawan and the repair of old buildings of the Kriyaputri complex. The construction was completed in two phases and the newly built complex was handed over to the PADT in 2012. Thousands of Hindu mourners have already used the building for carrying out after-death rituals that last for 13 days.

Panchamahalaxmi Temple and Kanya Gurukul in Chaling, Bhaktapur

Panchamahalaxmi Temple and Kanya Gurukul in Chaling, Bhaktapur

In cooperation with Swami Kamalanayan Trust, the Phul Kumari Mahato Memorial Trust has donated money for the construction of the Panchamahalaxmi Temple in Chaling, Bhaktapur. The Temple was inaugurated in the presence of renowned Sadhus and priests from South India.

Tirupati Balaji Biwah Mahotsava

Tirupati Balaji Bibah Mahatsov

In cooperation with local devotees of Balaji, the Trust organized the Wedding Ceremony of Lord Balaji in Kathmandu. For the first time in the history of Tirupati Balaji temple, such function was carried out at a place outside of India. The idol of Lord Bishnu from the Garva Griha of Balaji Temple was transported all the way from Tirumala to Kathmandu to perform the ceremony at Kulla Manch. Hundreds of thousands of people came to witness the ceremony.

NRN Devghat Bridhashram

NRN Devghat Bridhashram Hall

The Old-age Home at the confluence of two rivers in Devghat is an example of collective investment of Non-resident Nepalis dispersed around the world. The Trust has given the largest donation to this project for the construction of the centrally located hall. Many old people both men and women have benefitted from the project.

In addition

Karjanha Dharmashala Siraha

The Trust has occasionally given financial assistance to the following projects and functions:
Kabir Sadhu Sammelan, Kathmandu; Bishwashanti Pitri Mukti Yagya, Kathmandu; Dhanawantari Mata Mandir, Kathmandu; Kalpeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Janakpur; Bolbam Kawariya Sangh; Karjanha Dharmashala, Siraha; Palanchowk Bhagawati Mandir; Mahasatsang of Pilot Yogiraj Baba.

Yoga Sibir

Yoga Sibir in Kathmandu

The trust Organised a week-long yoga training session at Tundikhel. The famous Yoga Guru of India, Baba Ram Dev, and Acharya Balkrishna had conducted the Sibir. Leaders of all political parties and president Dr. Ram Baran Yadav also participated in the training session. Thousands of people took part in the Sibir.

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