Phul Kumari Mahato Trust Involvement in Education

The Trust has invested widely in the education sector. It has granted financial assistance for the construction of buildings for a higher secondary school in Siraha and given a donation for the expansion of Samata Schools all over the country to provide quality education to the children of marginalized communities with a monthly fee of NRs 100. In addition, many Nepali students both in Nepal and abroad receive scholarships from the Trust.

Nepal Rastriya Phul Kumari Mahato Higher Secondary School, Bandipur, Siraha


Siraha is one of the poorest districts of Nepal ranked 64th among 75 districts of the country in the Overall Composite Development Index and 51st in the Human Development Index (HDI). Hence, the Trust’s slogan of ‘Community Development through Philanthropy’ is particularly topical for this district. The Trust has initiated many of its charitable works in this districts and one of the educational charitable projects is Phul Kumari Mahato National Higher Secondary School in Bandipur of the District. The Trust has helped construct buildings of the School in the in 2004 to elevate the educational status of its rural population. More than 700 students from not only Siraha districts but also from places of Dhanusha, Sindhuli and Udayapur districts.

Samata Siksha Niketan

Not only in rural areas, but children of poor families in urban areas also are deprived of the kind of quality education that private English schools offer. To help close this education gap, Samata Siksha Niketan, popularly known as “Bamboo School” was initiated. As the name implies, these schools are constructed of bamboo. They offer a quality education for fees of just Nrs. 100 a month. The Trust has decided to donate NRs. 36,000,000 for the expansion of Samata Schools in 9 districts of Nepal and help promote quality education program to the children of marginalized communities.


the Trust has donated money for the construction of a building of Mahendra Madhyamik Bidhyalaya, Sanga, Bhaktapur; regularly provides financial assistance towards the education of orphan children of Nepal Tuhura Sangh, Kirtipur; donated computers to Janasewa Madhyamik Bidhyalaya, Karjanha, and so on.

In addition, the Trust has given education grants to Ashok Kumar Sah (for higher studies in medical sciences), Satish Kumar Sah (Engineering), Shakti Kumar Sah (Engineering), Dukhi Mochi (Engineering), Kamlesh Kumar Mahato (Higher Secondary education in science), Manju Sah (grants for her children’s education), Nuri Kumari Mahato (Secondary education in science), Priti Kumari Mahato (Secondary education in commerce), Mamata Bhattarai (BSc in food science in Bangladesh) and Ajit Kumar Sah (CA).

The students pursuing their higher studies in Russian and Belarusian Universities receive a stipend of USD 200 from the Trust if they secure all “As” in all exams they appear in a year.

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