The Trust encourages other organizations, networks and clubs engaged in philanthropic works. It has been giving grants to Help Nepal Network to help implement social projects jointly in various districts ever since its inception. To date the Trust has already gien more than NRS. xxx million to the Help Nepal Network.


Transportation Sector

Phulkumari Mahato Memorial Trust has been working for the overall development of the country. It’s a fact that transportation is the backbone of nation’s development. Keeping this thing in mind with the expense of Rs. 3621080 pitch road was constructed in Sainbu Bhainsepati area locate in lalitpur district.


The Mahabaudha Kidney Society, Kathmandu; Simara Samaj Kalyan Parisadh, Sarlahi; Mahabir Yuwa Club, Janakpur; Ganesh Yuwa Club, Janakpur; Saraswati Yuwa Club, Janakpur; Dodhna Club, Siraha; Siraha Sewa Samaj, Siraha; Everest Women Seven Summits Eco Action Team; Nepal Geological Society, Kathmandu; etc were also benefitted by the financial assistance of the Trust.

In order to promote the non-resident Nepali movement, which has a vision of making Nepal a peaceful and prosperous country, the Trust has widely supported all global and regional conferences of Non-Resident Nepalese organized in Nepal and abroad.

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