Involvement of Pkmmt in Sport

Youth and sports have always been a focus of the Trust. Even when the Trust was not formally established, its founders had given grants to organize Phul Kumari Mahato Memorial Cricket Tournament among the South Asian people living in Belarus.

MMG T20 Cricket Tournament

The Trust helps organize Phul Kumari Mahato Memorial MMG T20 Cricket Tournament in Birgunj, Parsa every two years.

Kathmandu NRN Marathon

The biggest Marathon in the history of Nepal – the Springwood NRN KATHMANDU INTERNATIONAL MARATHON 2007 was observed on 6th October 2007 in Kathmandu followed by different events in different cities of Nepal. This was a milestone to the stability of the International Marathon in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The starting point of all the races on 6th October was at the Tripureshore road and the finishing was inside the Dasharath National Stadium. The Marathon Course was so planned to attract tourist from around the Globe taking through all three 17th Century Darbar Squares of Patan, Kathmandu, and Bhaktapur.

On 6th October 2007, in 5 different categories of the running events- Full Marathon (42.195 Km), Half Marathon, 10 Km, 5 Km and Business Marathon (team of four), the total participation of 6022 runners were registered. Amongst, there were 112 International participants from 20 different countries. There were more than 1500 volunteers, about 50,0000 spectators around the race course in Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. The race was live broadcasted in Nepal Television which was watched live throughout Nepal and in 40 different countries.

The biggest ever prize money in Nepal’s Sports History was awarded for the winners of the Marathon and other race toppers. Marathon Top Overall Finishers cashed US$ 10,000 and top Woman finisher cashed US$ 5,000. The Nepali Top finisher also cashed NRs. 100,000. The cash Prize was also awarded for top 10 Men and Women finishers. There was cash Prize for all top 3 Men and top 3 Women finishers of Half Marathon, 10 Km, and 5 Km. Also, Business Marathon (team of four) winner team was awarded cash Prize. The total Cash Prize awarded was $55,150.00 and NRs. 275,000.00.

After the Grand Success of Kathmandu International Marathon 2007, to give the continuity and make the upcoming Kathmandu International Marathon 2008 better and more successful, it is thoroughly thought and planned. We seek help and support of all. Let us make together Real – 2nd Kathmandu International Marathon 2008 on 20th September a Grand Success.


The Trust has given donations for the organization of Bandipur Uttarayani Mela Football Tournament, Himalayan Tiger’s International Wrestling Tournament, Manmohan Memorial Football Tournament organized by the Sports Council, National Volleyball Tournament organized by the Council of Student Union, and so on.

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