Monthly Archives: October 2014

Great Potential In The Masses – Dashain

Last year I spent a “tame” Dashain in Chitwan at the home of my adopted daughter Shova Subedi and her family.  Given that I’m now working in Siraha I wanted to experience what it was like to celebrate Dashain in the Terai.  I have to say that I was quite overwhelmed by what I saw […]

Mental Health-Exorcising the Demons

Shanti (name changed) was lying in a Hospital bed in the emergency ward at Phul Kumari Mahato Memorial Hospital (PKMMH) in Karjanha, Siraha; a woman around 60 years, although she and her sister/daughter-in-law had little idea.  The woman had abrasions on her nose, as she had been beaten up, as well as a dislocated right […]