Phul Kumari Mahato Memorial Trust was established in 2004 with an objective to participate in the development of the country through social and charitable works. Hence, the guiding principle of the Trust is ‘Community Development through Philanthropy’. The Trust has wisely invested in the promotion of education and healthcare facilities, spirituality, sports, art, culture and literature, and many other areas of charitable works. In this connection, the trust has already donated more than 450 million Nepali rupees in various social and charitable projects. Some of the projects that the Trust has directly implemented or provided financial assistance to be implemented by other organizations are: construction of Phul Kumari Mahato Memorial Hospital in Siraha, Kriyaputri Bhawan (Funeral Home) in the Pashupatinath Temple area, Phul Kumari Mahato National Secondary School in Siraha District, Sri Mahalaxmi Temple in Chaling, Bhaktapur, Phul Kumari Mahato Yog Bhawan at Dhulikhel, Kavre District, largest contribution for the construction of NRN Old Age Home at Devghat in Chitwan District. The Trust has also announced to establish a relief fund for people rendered disabled in foreign countries while on short-term employment. It has also provided a financial donation for the expansion of Samata Schools all over the country to provide quality education to the children of marginalized communities with a monthly fee of NRs 100. In addition, many Nepali students both in Nepal and abroad receive scholarships from the Trust.

The Trust was established on 03-11-2061 and its Central Office is located at Bhatbhateni-4, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Vision: Community Development through Philanthropy

The Trust has a vision of making philanthropy an instrument of local community development and is guided by the principle that everybody, and especially the entrepreneurs, must endeavor to elevate the social and economic status of marginalized people of their communities and thereby contributing towards transforming Nepal into a peaceful and prosperous nation.
In pursuit of its vision, the Trust will implement programs that promote education, health, and hygiene, environmental conservation and employment generation activities in marginalized rural communities of Nepal.